Shis – Khorfakkan road and tunnel phase 1
Client: Government of Sharjah- Directorate of Public Works \ Consultant Engineer: Halcrow Consulting Engineers & Architects Ltd.
In Progress
Sheis – Khorfakan road and tunnel phase 1

Connecting Khorfakkan’s port to Sharjah’s port in order to shorten the distance between two cities and facilitate .the shipping

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The 'Works' comprise the construction of Tunnel SKF-I and approximately 500m of open road earthworks for the Shis to Khorfakkan Road and Tunnels project. The Scope of Works includes all the initial and permanent lining works of Tunnel SKF-I, plus the earthworks and drainage structures for the open road section of the contract.

Tunnel SKF-I comprises of the 860m long East and Westbound Tunnels. The East and Westbound Tunnels are connected via four numbers of pedestrian cross passages at 180m spacing. The tunnel will be constructed via Drill and Blast methods. The Contract also includes the excavation of the East and West Portals of Tunnel SKF-I.


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